Black – 75 DAY (0.87 oz)


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Cuvva Hair Building Fibers are made from high-quality, natural keratin protein — the same protein found in real human hair. These protein fibres carry a natural static charge. Once sprinkled into your hair, the static enables them to resiliently, but undetectably, cling and blend to even the tiniest hair strands. The result — a seemingly full head of thick hair, with impressive staying power, come wind, rain or shine.

What Cuvva can do for you:
1. Instantly fills in thinning areas and exposed scalp
2. Conceals hair loss
3. Makes fine hair strands look thick and full
4. Reduces widening part-lines
5. Great as a root touch-up between colourings, or for covering extension tracks


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Black – 75 DAY (0.87 oz)